MediaMatters Company Ltd, now offers customers our Streaming Video Subscription Service which will revolutionize the way you conduct your training sessions, workshops and lectures – providing your employees with complete round the clock access – at any location – at any time!

Our comprehensive library offers full-length videos in English subtitles, Chinese subtitles as well as complete Cantonese and Mandarin language versions fully accessible via the web. Your members can now access any of our library selections from any location at any time of the day or night. Trainees and students can now plan for their study time at their convenience.

We also offer Video On Demand which allows viewers to access programs from your organisation’s own internal network for student/employee learning at the desk. You decide which programmes your student/employees need to study and provide them instant access from their computer in your organisation.

Let us sit down with you to discuss your learning/training needs and we can build a custom solution which fits your needs and budget. MediaMatters has the largest video based training and lifetime learning programmes library in Asia so we can easily match our programmes to your current and future needs.

Our sales consultants are available to consult with you on programme selection as well as design a custom licensing agreement for your company. Please call us at: 2851 8809.

*Offer subject to licensing terms and conditions. Streaming Video Subscription Service and Video On Demand are restricted to companies located within our Asian territory and subject to our standard licensing terms and conditions. Contact MediaMatters Company Ltd. for further details.