Means the exhibition of the Programs distributed by MediaMatters Company Limited as DVDs/Blu-ray discs/via the Internet/Intranet as a Stream:

a) To students, pupils or members of Educational Institutions for fulfilling the curricula of the relevant educational institution or for educational and learning purposes; and

b) To individuals attending Libraries and Museums during usual institution hours at a time scheduled by the relevant institution and in respect of which exhibition no specific payment is charged; and

c) To members of Corporate Organisations (but not to any customer or client of such Corporate Organisations or any third parties) solely for facilitating the education and development of such persons.

d) Educational Institutions means government agencies, religious and civic groups, clubs, services organizations, universities, colleges, schools, evening institutes and any other institutions engaged primary for educational and learning purposes but excluding in all cases places requiring specific payment to see or hear the Programs distributed by MediaMatters Company Limited.